Elite Master Stylists That Care About Your Hair

  • At Dragonfly Hair Salon you will have a no nonsense Premier Salon experience. Our Elite Master Stylists are in a class all their own, talent you can't find anywhere else. Exquisite salon services that go beyond product knowledge and hype to become something glamorous. Precision haircuts tailored to complement any shape and vibrant accurate hair color that hits the mark every time. With our team, you can achieve any hair style your heart desires. From everyday to runway couture.

  • Dragonfly Hair Salon only offers precision cuts. Rigid adherence to technique that incorporates the flexibility of a master's eye to achieve the perfect cut every time. Face shape, individual contours and unique hair types are what guide our Elite Master Stylists down the path to perfection.

  • Unmatched quality at an upfront real world price. Shop around and you will discover that Dragonfly Hair Salon offers premium quality hair salon services at an extreme value that we should almost be ashamed of it...but we're not.

    Unwavering Commitment To Client Experience

  • Dragonfly Hair Salon has always been committed to Client Perks and Rewards, an ideal that will never change. Low wait times, individualized service, discounts and loyalty rewards are as important to us as they are to you.

  • Dragonfly Hair Salon is only concerned with Client Satisfaction above all else. We have gone to great lengths to create an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but one that is comforting to the soul as well. We want you to leave the salon feeling the queen of everything under the sun and moon, because to us, you are.

  • We back our the quality of our salon services with a redo guarntee. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your service, you can return to the salon within ten days of your service and have the service performed again or by another stylist at no cost to you.
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Salon Services Quick Reference
Women's Haircut -Any hair length $50.00
Hightlights -Partial starts at $70.00
New Color -Root to ends $65.00
Up Do -Medium length starts at $45.00
Shape It Up -Dry cut to reshape style $15.00
Eye Opener -Dry bang trim $15.00
Salon Services Dragonfly Hair Salon
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